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The Ship of State Series

A Young President Saves America from Itself

Find out how a young president, Donald Burlington will manage his way through the shark-infested waters of Washington, DC. Both political parties and the entire political establishment are against his efforts to reform the way entrenched politicians work with lobbyists to get and keep their political power and influence over public policy and our nation's finances.

Beyond dealing with political enemies, domestic policy issues and foreign crisis, the young president must deal with personal issues that have been long festering and need to be resolved before he can fully move on and be content in his job and life.

The Ship of State Series is a revised and expanded version of the original novel, Escape from Serfdom.

Book One takes us into the White House a year after President Burlington's election as he is fighting the establishment as his personal life ends in a divorce. One of his major goals is to reform the way Congress handles its business as that branch of government is truly dysfunctional.

Book Two will follow the President as he discovers that he doesn't want to be the most eligible bachelor in the world and finds that his life partner and future First Lady just might be close at hand.

Books Three and Four will find President Burlington dealing with critical international issues, terrorism, trying to bring peace to the Middle East and dealing with a contentious reelection campaign against former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Book Five the last in the series deals with a personal and constitutional crisis faced by President Burlington. 

The entire Ship of State Series is a wonderful ride, like the movie, An American President or the hit TV Series, The West Wing, only from a slightly more conservative perspective. 

Escape From Serfdom was my original novel published in 2014. It is about a young President of the United States who defeated President Obama in 2012 election and instead of trying to fundamentally transform American, President Burlington is fighting the establishment and both parties to return the American republic back to one envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

While there is politics and public policy throughout the novel, it also contains a rich story with interesting characters, vivid descriptions and unusual plot twists. The title, Escape from Serfdom, makes it sound like a dark dystopian novel, which it is not. That's why it is being expanded and recast as a series of novels called The Ship of State.

The novel got great reviews, as you can see below, and while there are a few used copies on Amazon and by other resellers at astronomical prices, there are a few original hardcover and paperback copies available that can be dedicated and signed by the author.

Escape From Serfdom

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Escape From Serfdom

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